self portrait.jpg

Born: 1989

Previous careers Actor, DJ, Filmmaker

Places of study: RADA, Lee Strasberg - New York, Met Film School, London College of Communication (Photography)

Greatest achievement: Getting into the National Youth Theatre at 16

Heroes: Lee Friedlander, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Van Morrison, Federico Fellini, Mark Rylance, Marina Abramovic

Live and work in London

Projects (Art)

I am interested in creating images that draw from an imagined world. I am hugely influenced by magical realism; I am preoccupied by the space between fact and fiction. The camera is the perfect tool for me to create my sense of reality, I find it a simple and direct way to communicate my ideas. It is important to me that my work is relatable and accessible, I try as much as possible to do everything in camera and use minimal post-production, I believe in the integrity of the image and don’t want to mislead the audience with clever trickery. I hope in time to create a visual language that will be easily identified as my own.